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Emily Isaacson is a last resort for many people who have gone everywhere else, and not found relief. A highly trained expert, she offers a nutritional perpective like never before. 


All paperwork is now paperless, and intakes are sent by email prior to your first appointment.

Completely virtual packages are available, with unlimited emails. 

Fee Schedule

NUTRITION CONSULTATION:  first session for all in-office clients (4 page analysis and food plan report included by email)

$249 for 1 hour 

Follow Up Visits:

$200 for 1 hour

$100 for 30 min


Eat Yourself Thin (Intuitive Nutrition for Weight Loss) Package: Includes 3 sessions, and printed analysis with food plan



Hormone Test Package
(includes two sessions and one five panel hormone test with results)


Pregnancy Consult Package (Includes 2 sessions and food recommendations, with report)


Auto-Immune Expert Consult Package (3 consultations; food and supplement recommendations, with food plan)


Eating Disorder Counselling (ongoing food plan and recommendation adjustments)

$200 for 1 hour

Package: 4 sessions a month for $700


Mental Health Nutrition/Orthomolecular Nutrition (major mental illness diagnosis helpful but not necessary)

$179 for 1 hour

Reduced rates for patients on disability (please inquire).


Please request a brochure at your first session.
Receipt provided for extended medical with our practitioner number.

Virtual Consultations

Virtual Introductory Consultation (analysis and food plan report included by email)


Virtual follow-up Consultations (adjustments to food plan and recommendations provided by email)

$175 for 1 hr.

$90 for 30 min


Virtual Package (international clients) 
Includes intro and 2 follow up sessions, with unlimited emails




Supplement package:  7  doTERRA daily supplements for $330.00 ( 1 month supply) 

Ideal for chronic pain, complex health conditions, or looking to kick start your metabolic rate, and obtain the DRI's.

Includes multivitamin-mineral supplement, and Essential Fatty Acid (Omega 3) supplement.


Please click here for test descriptions.


3-Panel test (3 hormones tested)  $185
5-Panel test  (5 hormones tested)  $240
Add Cortisol: test 4 x a day for an extra $60 per time

Incentive: Pay for hormone test, receive 5% off on your first appointment. To get this deal book your appointment online here.

HAIR ANALYSIS . . . coming soon


7 day diet journal assessment $1600 (includes intro consult, analysis, and follow-up session to go over results).
evaluation by the Nutritionist,
as well at DRI's for your age, and whether you need a multivitamin
or eat enough to satisfy daily requirements.


Small bottle of supplements to neutralize acidity, plus test strips.  $25

KETONE TESTING...coming soon

Ketone Regulation Daily Blood Testing, dashboard and supplies 

NUTRITIONAL TESTING  (for test descriptions see above)

Omega 3

Basic           $134
Plus             $214
Complete   $267

Vit B12        $160

Vit D            $134

Pre-natal testing  $134

Breast Milk            $134



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Payment Accepted

You may pay by credit card, in advance (when booking) or at the time of your session,
by check, by cash,  or e-transfer.