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What is Saliva Hormone Testing?

Do you know what your progesterone levels really are? If your estrogen level is too high compared to this hormone, you may be estrogen dominant. Many symptoms during menopause or PMS are the result of estrogen dominance, making life uncomfortable. Get the facts from us, order your saliva hormone test today for more reliable to the hour results. (These are sent out to a lab in the US and generally not available to doctors in Canada.)

For people suffering burnout, hormone analysis is paramount. Find out what endocrine gland is burned out by which hormones are low. Three times a day cortisol testing along with the 5-panel test give you an accurate picture of whether you have the cortisol to get through your stressful day. Much more accurate than a one morning reading from your doctor, you can chart your situation hormone-wise over the day.

The five panel test will show: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, androgens.

What is Hair Analysis?

Taking a sample of your hair and mailing it to the lab can tell about your nutritional status, what minerals you have enough of and in access, particularly heavy metals. This gives our holistic practitioner a picture of how to proceed with her health recommendations, and whether chelation therapy is necessary.

What is Nutritional Assessment?

A nutritional assessment is taken from a 5 to 7 day diet journal in which you record the exact foods, brands, and portion sizes you are eating in a regular day. The nutritionist then analyses your intake on a computer program that generates a print-out of your results.The results will give percentages each day of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, as well as your comparative intake to the DRI's (Dietary Reference Intakes).

A nutritional assessment can also be a 1 hour session in which the nutritionist asks you questions regarding your symptoms or health and evaluates whether you have any apparent nutritional deficiencies. She may look at your face, tongue, nails, or other signs. She may ask about your digestive symptoms and habits, your bowel habits, and your energy levels.This is based on her knowledge and training in the field of nutrition and biochemistry.

What is pH acid-base balance Testing?

This test gives you a bottle of acid-base balancing supplements, with pH testing strips. Every morning, first thing, test your urine and/or saliva to determine if you pH is close to 7 (neutral). The closer, the better you are: to think clearly, function, and be in good health. Diseases thrive in an acidic body, so find out how to neutralize the acid- forming foods you eat from the practitioner today. Get on our acid-base diet as well to maximize results. This is especially important for patients that have bone thinning and osteoporosis.Take acid-base supplements as recommended based on test result each day.

What is Ketone Testing?

Ketogenic diets and therapeutic diets for conditions like Diabetes, Epilepsy and mental health conditions are becoming more and more researched and advocated by professionals. Ketone are produced when you're using fat for energy instead of carbohydrate. On a ketogenic diet, this is the goal; to use fat as the primary source of fuel. Most of your calories each day are derived from fat, including monounsaturated, polyunsaturated and saturated. It helps to know whether you're in ketosis, or not. It helps to have an accurate measure of how you're doing to encourage your progress and resolution to follow the food plan.

More about our new Keto-Mojo platform coming later this year to Canada: your test results tell you if you're in ketosis, and are send online to your practitioner throughout the day. This allows her to assist you if you are having a tough time. This kit and the platform cost no more than a cup of coffee each day and are the latest technology in Ketone testing using an accurate measure, namely blood.

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